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A Letter To You

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It’s Spring…Look What’s Blooming!
March 19, 2020
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Visa Balance Transfer
May 1, 2020
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We hope you are all staying safe and healthy.

Three months ago, no one could have predicted that our lives would be turned completely upside down. Everything we knew and took for granted is now very different. COVID-19 has caused us all to adjust to new realities, and many of us have had to modify our daily routines.

Regardless, if you are working from home, experienced reduced working hours, reporting to a physical location in a new role, or have had a family member lose their job, the reality is we are all spending more time at home.

Especially now, it is vitally important to remain positive, and we wanted to offer some tips to keep you happy and productive.

  • Create a routine. Even though no one misses hearing that annoying alarm in the morning, creating a daily routine has many benefits. A daily routine provides structure in our lives, keeps us on track, and reduces procrastination and stress. If you find yourself working from home, a work-life balance is very important. Routines will help you use your time more efficiently.
  • Change your perspective on time. We are familiar with the feeling that we never have enough time to do what we want/need to do. Now, most everyone has had their schedules cleared and unable to do a lot of things we had enjoyed in the past. Ruminating and worry will not help. Maybe try to think of this as a sabbatical, and you are on your own to do what you choose to do for a while. Use your time wisely. Getting back to your list of things to do – and doing them – really works!
  • Stay connected. It’s a great time to stay connected with colleagues, family, and friends in a meaningful way. Skype, FaceTime, letters, emails, phone calls, or texting are super-easy ways. For the technological “adventurer”, there are other methods to try. For example, apps like Zoom and Google Hangouts are being used by schools to teach and keep classrooms connected. Whatever your preference, enjoy reaching out and keep your human connections alive. 
  • Enrich yourself personally and professionally. Grab this time to read (or hear) those books and articles you’ve put off to stay focused, prepare you for a promotion, and provide a little self-improvement…or even home improvement. Remember that many free books are accessible through your public library, e-books and audiobooks can be downloaded for free, or you can share books with your friends. Happy reading! 
  • It’s now or never. Identify the tasks that you have been putting off because you were too busy. Make a “Procrastination List”, and start working it. Tackle those projects you never got around to doing such as reorganizing a closet and decluttering your apartment or house. You could even start a gratitude journal, or take an online course for professional or personal development, etc.
  • Get moving. We can do yoga, sit-ups, run in place, and other exercises right at home. YouTube has many of these options and they’re free! Getting your pulse rate up and pushing ourselves a little more will get those endorphins going. Go for a walk. Go fishing. Sit in the sunshine or meditate, etc. Simply get moving…as long as you practice social distancing, of course! 
  • Eat and drink wisely. When stressed, we often overeat, or eat junk food. Now we have the time to be more mindful of what we consume. Think about this as an occasion where you can plan your meals and limit the junk. Another opportunity is to cook creatively. Try new recipes or experiment with your own ideas!

Our purpose of this message is to extend encouragement to you during these challenging times

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