Transfer expensive credit card debt to Deepwater Industries — and start the year with more balance in your life.

If you have lingering holiday debt, our Visa balance transfer special will give you the balance you need — and added savings!

Visa Balance Transfers at 1.99% APR*

  • Special rate good for 12 months.
  • Save with no balance transfer fees
  • Pay down debt faster!

Start saving:

  • Verify your current balance on other credit cards
  • Call or fax your balance information, and we’ll handle the details.

Manage your card with eZCard:

  • View your balances and available credit online.
  • Make payments and view statements.
  • Sign up for purchase alerts for added security.

Gain the financial balance you need!

Apply Now or call 856-299-1279 to get started.

*APR=Annual Percentage Rate. Rates are subject to change without notice. Subject to credit approval. Some restrictionsmay apply. See credit union for complete details.

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Achieve Financial Balance With A Personal Loan

Deepwater Industries is committed to helping you achieve financial stability and peace of mind. One of your most effective tools is a low-cost Personal Loan designed to help you consolidate debt and manage outstanding bills.

Why Consider a Personal Loan?

  • Simplified Finances: Consolidating multiple debts into one loan streamlines your monthly payments, making it easier to manage your finances
  • Lower Interest Rates: Our personal loans often offer lower interest rates than credit cards, helping you save money over time
  • Improved Credit Score: By consolidating debt and making consistent payments, you can improve your credit score, opening doors to new financial opportunities.
  • Stress Reduction: With fewer bills to juggle and a clear path to paying off debt, you can reduce financial stress and focus on what matters most.

Apply Now or call 856-299-1279 to get started.

*APR=Annual Percentage Rate. Rates are subject to change without notice. Subject to credit approval. Some restrictions may apply.

Your Digital Wallet Is Here!

Easily link your Deepwater Industries Credit and Debit Cards to Apple Pay or Google Pay, offering unparalleled ease and convenience. Once you’ve loaded your cards, tap your phone at checkout for secure, quick payments. It streamlines your purchases and enhances security — keeping your financial details safe. Set up your Digital Wallet and link your cards today!

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Seven Ways To Find Balance In 2024

The New Year is a time of renewal; use it to make bold financial changes.

  1. Track your spending. Carefully record every dollar you spend for a month; apps like Mint can make this process automatic. Tracking where your money ends up can encourage you to spend more judiciously
  2. Create a budget. About 70% of Americans live financially spontaneous lives without planned spending. This is a circular problem: If your budget doesn’t include setting aside money for long-term expenses and savings, you’ll end up spending everything on unplanned items and events. Stop the cycle by creating a budget that aligns with your priorities.
  3. Get out of debt. Debt is the biggest stumbling block to financial security and saving toward long-term goals. Move toward debt reduction this year by adding an extra $50 or $100 to your credit card payments. Or focus all your payment resources on the highest-interest debt until it’s paid off, then move on to the next highest.
  4. Start an emergency fund. The best way to avoid debt is to have money available for the occasional, yet inevitable, emergency. Set a specific goal, like adding $10 monthly to a Savings Account.
  5. Save for retirement. When you have a retirement account, your monthly statements remind you of the benefits of saving for the future. The challenge is taking that first step — and any retirement account is better than none. If your job offers a 401(k) matching program, sign up for at least the full matching funds amount – it’s free money!
  6. Automate your savings. Fighting that impulse to spend what you’ve earmarked for savings can be a struggle; it’s easiest to take the decision out of your hands. Change your Direct Deposit to put some of your paycheck directly into a Savings Account.
  7. Get educated. Knowledge is power, and that’s especially true in the world of personal finance. Resolve to read one personal finance article weekly to improve your financial situation.

All of us at Deepwater Industries hope you have a safe, happy, and prosperous New Year!

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Open A Christmas Club

The Perfect Time To Start Is Now!

A Christmas Club Account is the ideal holiday savings solution, ensuring you can enjoy the season without financial worries. The earlier you start, the more you can save without feeling the pinch. Even small, regular deposits can grow into a significant holiday fund.

Easy Access for Holiday Shopping

When the holidays arrive, your savings — plus interest — are available for you to use. Whether for gifts, decorations, or a festive getaway, you’ll have the funds ready and waiting. Open your account today, and look forward to a happier holiday season.

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Make Filing Easier With TurboTax®!

This tax season, empower yourself with TurboTax® and ensure you get the refund you’re entitled to.

Exclusive Savings For Members:

  • Deluxe Federal Product: Enjoy a $5 discount.
  • Premier Federal Product: Save $10, perfect for investments and rental property
  • Self-Employed Product: Ideal for freelancers or small business owners, now with a $15 discount.
  • TurboTax LIVE: Get live expert assistance and a $15 discount

Learn More And Save Today!

Choose Direct Deposit!

For a swift and secure tax refund, request Direct Deposit to Deepwater Industries. You’ll typically receive your funds within 21 days!

  1. Use our Routing & Transit Number: 231277822.
  2. Choose between a Checking or Savings Account.
  3. Provide your member number.

If you need help, we’re just a call away at 856-299-1279.

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Ready To Strengthen Your Account Security?


What is a Trusted Contact Person?

A Trusted Contact Person is someone you designate for us to reach out to in emergencies, such as fraud, health crises, or other financial concerns. This could be a family member, friend, attorney, or anyone you trust.

When might we be in contact?

We may contact your Trusted Contact Person if there are concerns about:

  • Your health or welfare.
  • Possible financial exploitation or fraud.
  • Verifying your contact information.
  • Confirming the identity of someone legally acting on your behalf.
  • If the credit union cannot reach you.

We may provide information about your account(s) in the above scenarios, except if the Trusted Contact Person is suspected of fraud. Remember, a Trusted Contact cannot access your account or make transactions unless legally authorized.

Is it mandatory?

No, it’s optional. But with rising fraud cases, we recommend this for added protection. Your Trusted Contact Person can be changed or withdrawn anytime by submitting a new form.

This service is part of our commitment to your financial safety and peace of mind.

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