Group of young men and women sitting at table talking and writing on notepads

Supervisory Committee Volunteers Needed!

What does the Supervisory Committee do for the credit union? The Supervisory Committee is appointed by the Board of Directors to:

  • Act as a “watchdog” of the credit union to protect and safeguard member assets by conducting internal audits.
  • Ensure that records are maintained properly, honestly and accurately.
  • Make sure that policies are established according to law and carried out faithfully.
  • Check to see that proper internal controls are in place.
  • Ensure that members receive the best possible service.

If you are a member in good standing with the credit union, able to be bondable by the credit union’s surety bond company, not related to any credit union employee, have some accounting and auditing experience, able to volunteer one or two days a month, and have the desire to make a difference for your credit union, please contact Sutton Gant at 856-299-1279 ext 117. We would love to hear from you!