Savings Accounts

Opening a Savings Account with Deepwater Industries Federal Credit Union means establishing a lifelong relationship with us. This means you're more than just another bank customer — you're a Member and an owner.  With a NCUA-insured Savings Account, you will earn dividends to grow funds quickly. Build a safety cushion, save up for a rainy day, or set aside money in a Club Account for a specific purpose. A Savings Account is just one facet of smart money management.


o Minimum deposit for $5.00

o Convenience of payroll deduction or direct deposit

o Make transfers using our on-line banking, “PAT” system

o Make deposits in person, by mail, through payroll deduction, night depository and direct deposit.

o Pays dividends with a minimum balance of $99.01

o Fully insured up to $250,000 by the NCUA

    Savings Rates

Kids Club Accounts

Kids Club is available for kids 0-17 years of age. $5 is required to open the account with the proper form of identification and must have an adult over the age of 18 joint on their account. Kids Club is a special savings account that has a .3% interest rate. Once you turn 18 the account will roll over into our regular savings account with a current rate of .15% . $10.00 early withdrawal fee

Christmas Club Accounts

This special Savings Account makes it easy to set aside for those things you really want just for the holiday season.  Set aside some money on a regular basis — how much and how often is up to you. Then, when you decide, we'll disburse your savings, plus the dividends, just in time for the holidays. $10.00 early withdrawal fee


o Can be opened any time of the year

o You can use payroll deduction, transfers from savings or cash deposits

o Funds are deposited into your savings account the first week in October

Money Market Accounts

Grow savings quickly and earn a higher rate with a Money Market Account. Dividends are compounded and paid out each month, based on your average daily balance. Money Markets also let you retain access to your funds with limited check-writing capabilities each monthly statement cycle.


o $500 or more to open and maintain balance

o Higher rates than regular savings account

o Full access to your account (some withdrawal restrictions may apply)

o Unlimited deposits anytime

o Unlimited over the counter withdrawals

o Six free electronic or telephone transactions or transfers per month, fees apply after that

o Free online or in person transactions

o No monthly fee

o Federally insured up to $250,000

Share Certificates

A Certificate of Deposit guarantees a return and earns more interest than Primary Savings. Choose from terms ranging from 1 to 5 years and lock in your rate. Longer terms earn higher rates and dividends.


o Requires just $500 to get started

o Fixed rate for fixed term

o No additional deposits allowed

o Early withdrawal penalties apply

o Most dividends compounded quarterly, paid quarterly


Begin saving for retirement while you're still earning income. IRAs offer tax-advantaged ways to set aside funds and are considered a great way to plan for your financial future. Choose to open a Roth, Traditional IRA or Educational IRA, depending on your situation.


o Additional incentives built into legislation for educational expenses and first home purchases.

o Increased flexibility of eligibility requirements

o Penalty free withdrawal features

o Potential of tax exempt earnings

Check with your tax advisor about which type is best for you.


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